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All Things Enchanted

Isha Lerner

Welcome to All Things Enchanted where we focus on all things astrology, flower essence healing, the power of archetype and tarot and the mystical meaning  of fairy tale and myth. Our intention is to ignite an awakened consciousness in a changing world, I am your host, Isha Lerner.  All Things Enchanted comes to you from Isha Lerner, author of best-selling Inner Child Cards: A Fairy Tale Tarot, Triple Goddess Tarot, Power of Flower Book/Deck Set, Tarot of the Four Elements, and multiple publications translated around the world. Isha is the creator and owner of the Power of Flower Healing Essence company, a flower remedy business/website offering vibrational healing flower essences around the world. She is an international astrologer, teacher, and consultant and was a member of the Findhorn Community in Northern Scotland in the early magical days from 1976 to 1981. Enchanted at an early age in all things connected to nature, flowers, healing, stories, and metaphysics, Isha found her way as a young traveler, spiritual seeker, mother, business woman and healer, step by step, believing in the laws of synchronicity and life changing interventions.She calls these synchronistic occurrences, Enchantment; a magical moment or experience that changes things forever, perhaps in the wink of an eye. All Things Enchanted incites curiosity about the things we see… don’t see…and perceive. It’s a wondrous world, and Isha wants to share it all with you. Join in…and let’s get enchanted! More about Isha:Isha Lerner is the CEO of Power of Flowers Healing Essence Company, as well as an internationally-recognized astrologer with a deep interest and broad background in mythology and fairytales which form the foundation of her prowess as an interpreter of Tarot.She co-authored best-selling Inner Child Cards: A Fairy Tale Tarot and is author of The Triple Goddess Tarot, The Power of Flowers book/deck set, and The Tarot of the Four Elements.Isha’s intensive understanding and experiences with 'out of body' and para-normal states of consciousness lives at the root of her compassionate work as teacher and healer. Her many years of work within this field has inspired her to research the 'meaning of incarnation and evolution' through past life research and the study of 'stories' i.e. the mystical meaning of fairy tales and myth.Isha’s work has bridges across countries and cultures and was honored to be a part of the Findhorn Community in Northern Scotland from 1976 to 1980.Isha has three adult daughters and five healthy and beautiful grandchildren.To learn more about Isha and her work, and to contact her regarding speaking engagements, appearances, interviews, workshops, and more, visit her website. All Things Enchanted podcast is produced by Katya Lerner and Buzzword Consulting.